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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I must confess...

I haven't been cooking lately...I know I'm horrible. Thats why i haven't updated. The truth is, everyone has been cooking for me. It's been pretty awesome. Tonight, my mother-in-law made her home made spaghetti sauce, which is by far, my favorite thing that she cooks. I love pasta. Last night, while I was working, my husband made red beans and rice with sausage. (Also one of my favorite things to eat.) Sunday, we ate at the in-laws. It
was some type of stuffed salmon, which was quite tasty. Saturday night, Jon (my husband), Joe (our friend) and I went to Jon's parents' house because both of their birthdays were earlier in the week. Jon made chicken Alfredo from scratch and I made a German chocolate cake from scratch. (Even the icing) they were both quite delicious. We all ate too much food. I can't remember what we had before all of that awesomeness. I'll update when I actually cook something, which should be soon. This can't last forever right? On a side note, we still haven't figured out the bread. However, I need to take a trip to Allie's house so I can get a bread-making seminar from her and Ross. I can't wait.

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