Thursday, December 27, 2012

Leftovers Update

Apparently there wasn't as much ham as I thought there was so no need for me to worry about that. We are saving the bone to add flavor to some pinto beans. That should be good.
Jon's cousin has been staying with us this week. Having an 18 year old boy in the house definitely helps when trying to get rid of leftovers. I only had to eat one slice of cheesecake and it is all gone today. Although it was delicious, I was glad to have been spared the calories.
Jon fried chicken for dinner and it was so good. We had the leftover sides along with it. Unfortunately, it was mostly carbs but I did not select the menu. At least between the three of us and a friend who came over, I think they're mostly gone. I'm looking forward to restocking and planning our meals myself.
I caught up on all the laundry, dishes and cleaning. Tomorrow we're going to see my Grandma so I need to get some sleep now.


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