Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dinner, Deviled eggs and basketball

Last night was the 4th of the NBA play-off games between the Dallas Mavericks (Woo Hoo!) and the Miami Heat (Booooo). I invited a friend over to watch the game with my husband and I since we're all fans. I started off by making two dozen deviled eggs. My friend and husband are both deviled egg fanatics. What I do is very simple and delicious. They both said that they were the best deviled eggs they have ever tasted. This is what I did:

I'm going to be very descriptive since I used to be incapable of boiling eggs. This is no longer true, but in case you are, here you go...

                                              Kam Jo's Delicious Deviled Eggs


Eggs (duh)
Mayo (I like the Kraft Mayo with olive oil, it tastes the same and saves you a lot of fat)

1. Place however many eggs in large pot that you plan on boiling. Fill pot enough to sufficiently cover the eggs.
2. Put pot on stove. Turn stove on high and watch the eggs.
3. As soon as they start boiling, set timer for 10 minutes.
4. As soon as the timer goes off, take the pot off the heat and drain the water (be careful of steam)
5. Cover eggs with cold water. Let them cool for about 30 minutes. (Eggs are much easier to peel when they have cooled off. (I learned this on the first dozen)
6. Peel all eggs.
7. Cut the eggs into halves.
8. Remove yolk from eggs and place in bowl.
9. Set egg whites on plate or tray that you will serve them on.
10. Using a spoon, mash the egg yolks.
11. Add about three or four heaping  tablespoons of mayo to egg yolks. This amount varies, depending on how much you like. As long as the yolk is creamy, you're good to go. Don't put to much. You can always add more but you cannot remove the mayo once it's mixed in. (Always remember this).. This amount will depend on how much eggs you are cooking.
12. You will add a significantly less amount of mustard than you did mayo. The mayo is for the creamy consistency. The mustard will give it some flavor. Add in two tablespoon increments and taste to see how you like it. Once you like the taste, stop adding mustard. (Don't eat to much, save some for the eggs.)
13. Add salt and pepper to taste. Don't be shy on this, especially with the salt.
14. Spoon the yolk mixture into the egg whites. Be sure not to put too much in one egg so you don't run out of yolk mixture.
15. Sprinkle paprika on top of eggs.
16. Refrigerate until you are ready to serve. (Or eat immediately)

For dinner we had baked chicken with a side of rice and sliced tomatoes. I bought some drumsticks and boneless skinless chicken thighs. I used Zatarain's Bake & Crisp chicken breading. I coated the chicken using a beaten egg and covered it with the Zatarain's. The directions are on the box but the total cooking time was 40 minutes. Boneless chicken is baked for 20 minutes and bone in chicken is baked for 40 minutes. Flip chicken half way through baking and you have some delicious baked chicken.


By the way, weight update, I weighed myself today (after eating) and I'm down to 170. And I have entered in a weight loss competition at work. I plan on winning. That's all for now. Let me figure out what I am going to cook tonight and then make a trip to the gym. (I'm off today)

Oh and the Mavericks won! Yay! : )

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